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Most tax problems arise from non-compliance; not having filed required tax returns. Tax STRATA G provides great value for the dollar when offering accurate tax return preparation. The easiest way to stay in compliance and out of trouble is to file all tax returns on a timely basis; we understand sometimes that's easier said then done. Look to us for help and call for a fee quote regarding:

 * Individual Tax Return Preparation

 * Sole Proprietor Taxes Prepared

 * LLC Taxes and Advising 

 * Sub Chapter S (S-Corp) Tax Prep

 * Back Taxes Are My Specialty 

 * Un-filed Tax Return Preparation

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If you have complicated tax problems or simply need your tax returns prepared. We are here to help.

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Solving Tax Problems

Once a taxpayer is in compliance, meaning all required tax returns have been filed; the overall balance owed is clear to see. Based on the history of the taxpayer with the IRS, and their obligations, a solution can be created to reduce or eliminate the problem they are facing.

* Penalty Abatement

* Installment Agreements

* Tax Lien Withdrawal

* Tax Lien Release

* End Levy Actions

* Stop Wage Garnishment

* Audit Representation

* Examination Representation

* IRS Offer in Compromise

* Equitable Relief

* IRS Appeals

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